Full Edition

The AXCIOMA Full Edition has been designed for large distributed systems providing a full range of support for interaction patterns including synchronous and asynchronous Request-Reply, State and Event, and Timed Trigger. This edition also includes all required RIDL based IDL generators as well as the full suite of our powerful DnCX11 deployment tools and our BRIX11 scaffolding tool.

AXCIOMA Full Edition includes a complete set of connectivity capabilities enabling the creation of optimized applications as well as all the examples and tooling support to accelerate your systems development. In addition it’s architecture provides a productive, open and flexible environment perfect for integration in any kind of domain and with any kind of existing systems.

The core framework in combination with the flexible and dynamic deployments tools provide multiple possibilities for making optimal use of the concurrent processing options of modern day computing hardware.

The features provided by the AXCIOMA Full Edition include:

  • RIDL IDL Parser-Generator

  • CIAOX11 Core Framework

  • BRIX11 Scaffolding tool

  • Starter code generation for component and facet executors

  • Synchronous and asynchronous request/reply interaction pattern support using CORBA

  • Event and State interaction pattern support using DDS

  • Timed trigger interaction pattern support with configurable time policy

  • DnCX11 Infrastructure including support for XML and CONFIG based deployment plans

  • DnCX11 deployment artifact handling extensions

The AXCIOMA Full Edition is available on more than 30 different Linux versions and architectures, multiple Windows versions, and Android. This edition supports the following C++11 capable compilers:

  • GNU C++ compiler

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017

  • Clang C++ compiler

  • Intel C++ 2016 *

* the current Intel C++ Windows support has some restrictions