New release v0.5.0

The new 0.5.0 release has the following major improvements and extensions:

  • Extended documentation

  • Reduced footprint and lines of code generated by RIDL for AXCIOMA

  • The container service registry is now available through the new the_service_registry attribute of your component context instead of through three separate operations

  • Support for 32bit Linux

  • Deprecated the pragma ciao lem: this is automatically determined by the RIDL compiler

  • Request/reply interaction support using CORBA is delivered through CORBA connectors and not implicitly through the generated LwCCM servant code

  • DDS::traits for users that want to program DDS directly using C++11

  • Updated ACE/TAO, TAOX11, and MPC to the latest and greatest

  • Reduced dependencies in the core libraries and unit tests

  • Large amount of smaller fixes and improvements